2024 Winter Classes


Birthdays at the studio…

Come celebrate your birthday with us in a creative atmosphere
Many exciting opportunities to explore art making… The Sky is the limit…
Parties are one and a half hours $185 up to 10 kids
Party consists of an art project with time for refreshments
& presents. Come design your own “Art Party”
If you can imagine it…we can create it..


Some ideas to choose from include:

Ages (5 turning 6) For girls or boys.
Stuffed animals (dogs, bears, ocean creatures), backpacks, unicorn pillows, fish pillows, star pillows, painting and drawing, dress up, enchanted unicorn scenes, fairies, and more. Clay volcanos and dinosaurs, all sorts of animal themes, Fairy themes, Fall & Holiday themes.

Ages 6-8 Back packs, dream pillows, stuffed animals, wishing bottles, animals in clay or paper mache painting, pet themes, lots of fairy projects, wizard houses, dream pillows, star pillows, animal pillows, fairy houses, painting pots and planting plants ….tons of Fall & Winter themes…the sky is the limit… endless ideas.

Ages 9-12Dream pillows, coco masks, designer bags, wishing bottles, gourd animals, paintings, sea glass projects, painting clothing, many types of clay projects, lots of enchanting projects, lots of cool painting & drawing projects, felted creatures…Lots of Fall & Holiday themes..Pick a theme and we will design the art. For an additional cost you can have a small gathering and do the pottery wheel.

we have a bazillion ideas always at hand….